13 COVERS: An Anniversary Salute to TV’s ZORRO

The ABC show starring Guy Williams debuted 65 years ago!


On October 10, 1957, out of the night, when the full moon was bright, came the horseman known as Zorro! Walt Disney’s TV series debuted on ABC 65 years ago, with Guy Williams as Don Diego de la Vega, aka Zorro, the masked protector of the weak… and did we kids love it!

(I remember when I was a young lad I had a plastic Zorro toy sword that had a holder on the end for a piece of chalk, which I used to put the “Z” everywhere!)

Here are 13 great covers with Williams to celebrate!

Four Color #882 (Feb. 1958, Dell)

Four Color #920 (June 1958, Dell)

Four Color #933 (Aug. 1958, Dell)

Four Color #960 (Dec. 1958, Dell)

Four Color #976 (Mar. 1959, Dell)

Walt Disney’s Zorro #9 (Mar-May 1960, Dell)

Walt Disney’s Zorro #10 (June-Aug. 1960, Dell)

Walt Disney’s Zorro #11 (Sept.-Nov. 1960)

Walt Disney’s Zorro #12 (Dec. 1960-Feb. 1961)

Walt Disney’s Zorro #13 (Mar.-May 1961, Dell)

Walt Disney’s Zorro #15 (Sept.-Nov. 1961, Dell)

Walt Disney Presents Zorro #2 (May 1966, Gold Key)

Walt Disney Presents Zorro #7 (Sept. 1967, Gold Key)


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Guy Williams still defines Zorro. Loved that show as a kid, and now as a Grandfather, will pass it forward!

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  2. Definitely my favorite interation of the character. I loved watching the reruns of it on the Disney Channel with my Dad. My kids and I have enjoyed it too!

    I lucked into the original 1957 Lunch Box at a flea market this summer. It became one of my favorite items.

    Glad to hear the actual series, and not just one of the compilation films, is coming to Disney Plus.

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  3. Guy Williams will forever be the Greatest Zorro. He did So Much for that Character, We were so lucky to have Him. “50th Anniversary Pin”, True Zorro Fans Know what I’m Talking About.!!!!!!!!!!! Until we meet Again.

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  4. Loved Zorro as a child. Couldn’t understand why it no longer was televised. The ultimate interpretation. A classic.

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  5. I love this show! As much as I love the Tyrone Power version of THE MARK OF ZORRO, and as great as Douglas Fairbanks was in the original, and as much as I like Antonio Banderas in THE MASK OF ZORRO, Guy Williams is the definitive Zorro. I have the complete series on DVD in black and white, released as the final release in the wonderfully curated Walt Disney Treasures collection.

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