13 COVERS: A MURPHY ANDERSON Birthday Celebration

The late DC stalwart was born 94 years ago…

If you’re a DC fan of Silver and/or Bronze Age vintage (like me), chances are you have a real fondness for Murphy Anderson.

A top-flight inker and underrated penciller, Anderson — born July 9, 1926 — is best known for his work on Hawkman, the Justice League, Batman and Superman.

But a lot of fans tend to forget his absolutely bananas sci-fi output, so for this year’s 13 COVERS birthday tribute, we’re going with a selection from Strange Adventures — accent on strange.

Some of these you’ve doubtlessly seen, some are more obscure. All of them are fantastically fantastic.

SPOILER ALERT: There be gorillas ahead!

Dig it.

Joe Giella inks


— 13 COVERS: A MURPHY ANDERSON Birthday Celebration: 2019 Edition — JLA. Click here.

— 13 COVERS: A MURPHY ANDERSON Birthday Celebration: 2017 Edition — BATMAN. Click here.

Cover images and credits from the Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Great covers! Lots of love for Anderson! In addition to inking and or drawing a lot of DC’s licensing art in the 60s and 70s, he drew most of the artwork on Ideal’s Captain Action and other comic-related packaging. Just gorgeous stuff.


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  2. Captain Comet really has it in for gorillas!

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