13 COVERS: A MURPHY ANDERSON Birthday Celebration

The widely admired Silver and Bronze Age stalwart was born 93 years ago…

The late Murphy Anderson — born July 9, 1926 — was one of the lynchpins of DC’s Silver Age and an artist who remained popular well into the Bronze Age.

He’s perhaps best remembered as an inker, collaborating with the likes of Carmine Infantino and Curt Swan, but he has a stout body of work as a penciller in his own right.

So this year’s 13 COVERS tribute to a salute to Anderson as penciller. The title? Justice League of America. (Anderson inked these as well!)

And if you want to see more fine Anderson art, check those links below.

Dig it.


— Comics Pros Pick Their Favorite MURPHY ANDERSON Covers. Click here.

— 13 COVERS: A Salute to Murphy Anderson’s HAWKMAN. Click here.

Cover images and credits from the sturdy Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Happy birthday to the late Mr. Anderson. I daresay he’s been done a TON of justice with this collection of his “JLA” cover art.

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  2. Lots of great covers here by the late great Murphy Anderson. One of my favorites? The June of 1962 # 12 issue with Dr. Light who single handedly brought about the popularity of the 70s Disco light ball.

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  3. A tough choices to get through for the favorite. I think the “Slave Ship of Space.” A look down at Earth before the Lunar landing and brining up indirectly but maybe not the issues of what we now know as the Civil Rights Era by accentuating slavery. Lots of stuff happened in 1961.

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