13 COVERS: A MICHAEL GOLDEN Birthday Celebration

One of the Bronze Age’s most respected artists turns 66…

Michael Golden — born 66 years ago on Oct. 1, 1955 — is one of comics’ most widely respected creators. One title that fans absolutely adore? The Micronauts!

So dig these 13 COVERS starring the heroes and villains of inner space, based on the Mego toy line!

Right on.

Joe Rubinstein inks

Rubinstein inks

Rubinstein inks


— 13 Gorgeous Original MICRONAUTS Pages: A MICHAEL GOLDEN Salute. Click here.

— The Mystique of MICHAEL GOLDEN’s MAN-BAT. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. #20, with the cereal boxes, is one of my all-time favorite covers, by anyone… period.

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  2. One of the greatest. I absolutely love his covers to Rom 8, 9, and 19. Wish he’d done interiors for that series.

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  3. Happy Birthday! Mr. Golden’s Merry Marching Marvel Confusion poster is my single, favorite piece of comic art ever!

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  4. Got to say “Hello” at MegaCon. Super nice guy! Always loved his work. I can remember buying all of these issues.

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  5. All excellent, of course, but my favourite wasn’t there: #38!

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