13 COVERS: A JOHN BUSCEMA Birthday Celebration

The Marvel great would have been 90!

John Buscema, born Dec. 11, 1927, was one of the architects of the Marvel Age, an artist whose, ahem, vision, helped define modern comics.

Remarkably prolific, Buscema was known for many characters and titles but this year our 13 COVERS salute focuses on one of his best known: The Avengers. (If you dig Silver Surfer, click here. Conan? Click here.)

Big John died in 2002 but his art lives on.

Inked by Buscema or George Klein

Vince Colletta inks

Bill Everett inks

Frank Giacoia or George Klein inks

Sal Buscema inks

John Verpoorten inks

Tom Palmer inks

George Roussos inks

Palmer inks

Palmer inks

Buscema or Klein inks.

Cover images and credits from the big Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. John Buscema remains one of my all-time favorite artists. His cover to Avengers 44 (which you so rightly included) got me back into comics in 1967, as I was trying to find out what Captain America was up to since I’d just gotten his costume for my Captain Action figure! I do wish you’d included the cover to Avengers Annual 2, but issue 56 is a nice consolation prize. I think his all-time best might be Silver Surfer 4, which you were nice enough to lead off with last year.

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  2. Johnny B. The best. Period. Then, now, going forward.

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  3. I had all but one in my hands as a child

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    • and that would be # 85

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  4. #76 some of the anatomy never looked right to me – very rare for Buscema. Didn’t Neal Adams do #95?

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