13 COVERS: A JOHN BUSCEMA Birthday Celebration

A Sky-Rider of the Spaceways salute!

When we do our 13 COVERS birthday celebrations, I like to come up with a theme. Last year, for John Buscema’s birthday, we highlighted Conan the Barbarian. (Click here.) This year? The Silver Surfer.

Why? No reason except I have new fondness for the Surfer because of what Dan Slott and the Allreds have been doing on the title for the last couple of years. So I just wanted to take it back to the original Silver/Bronze Age series. Simple as that. (By the way, Buscema did 14 covers for that original series so I’m including them all. I make the rules, I break the rules.)

Buscema was born Dec. 11, 1927, and died Jan. 10, 2002.

Surf on, Big John.

Inks by brother Sal Buscema

Joe Sinnott inks

Inks by Frank Giacoia or Sal Buscema

John Romita inks

Sinnott and Giacoia inks

Dan Adkins inks

Adkins inks

Adkins inks

Adkins inks

Sal Buscema inks

Sinnott inks

Adkins inks

Chic Stone inks

Adkins inks

Covers and credits from the cosmic Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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