13 COVERS: A JOE KUBERT Birthday Celebration

One of the very best…

We’ve done a number of 13 COVERS salutes to the late Joe Kubert over the years — unsurprising given his stature in the field.

Specifically, we’ve paid tribute to his Hawkman (click here and here), Tarzan (click here) and Sgt. Rock (click here).

This year, on what would have been Kubert’s 92nd birthday — he was born Sept. 18, 1926 — I could have chosen to spotlight one of those characters again, given just how compelling his work was on them. Instead, I’ve chosen to include them all — as well as a broader look at many of the other projects the artist was involved in over the years. (For the heck of it, I started in the Silver Age.)

This is by no means meant to be definitive. It clearly is not. But it does give an idea of the considerable impact Kubert — an artist, teacher and mentor — had on the world of comics.

Here we go:

Pencils by Andy Kubert, inks by Joe Kubert


— The Humanistic and Heroic Art of JOE KUBERT. Click here.

— 13 BRILLIANT PAGES: Inside Kubert’s TARZAN AND THE LION MAN Artist’s Edition. Click here.

Most covers and credits from the illustrious Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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