13 COVERS: A JIM APARO Birthday Celebration

One of the greats…

I first and foremost associate Jim Aparo with The Brave and the Bold. So much so that for three years running, our 13 COVERS birthday tributes all pulled from B&B.

This year, though, I’ve decided to go all-Bat all the time with picks from Batman, Detective, Batman Family and Limited Collectors’ Edition.

Aparo was one of the greatest in Bat-history. He was born Aug. 24, 1932. He died in 2005.

His art lives on.

Al Milgrom layout


— A JIM APARO Birthday Celebration: 2017 Edition. Click here.

— A JIM APARO Birthday Celebration: 2016 Edition. Click here.

— A JIM APARO Birthday Celebration: 2015 Edition. Click here.

All credits and scans courtesy of the explosive Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. My BatFam #11 has that same bleedthru from the inside cover on Batgirl’s “gown”– must have been the paper they were using. Seem to recall DC books had a lighter feel for a year or so. Paper shortage or trying cheaper stock, I think…

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  2. I believe Detective Comics #437 has the perfect cover.

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    • No! The PERFECT cover is either the oversized Batman Special Villains cover (first one on this page) or B&B 119!

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  3. In my lifetime, Aparo is second only to Neal Adams. Aparo’s drawings were always so clean and fresh. Seeing those 30 cent covers takes me on a nostalgia train ride.

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