13 COVERS: A JIM APARO Birthday Celebration

Lotta great artists have birthdays in August. Jim Aparo was one of them.


Confession time: I didn’t really like Jim Aparo‘s art much when I was a kid. But that’s because kids can be really stupid sometimes.

Jim Aparo, who was born Aug. 24, 1932, was one of the DC Comics mainstays from the end of the Silver Age to the modern era. If you’re reading this, chances are you already knew that.

My point is that he worked on a ton of comics. So how to do 13 COVERS? Focus on the title he’s best known for! Or at least the one that I most associate with him: Brave and the Bold.

Aparo died in 2005, but his art lives on in these favorites — and well beyond.

(Usual caveat applies: This is a subjective list of covers that I particularly dig. You may have others to add. Feel free to do so in the comments or in the social media thread where you found this!)


My personal favorite issue of B&B, even though the cover doesn't showcase enough of Aparo's art.

My personal favorite issue of B&B, even though the cover doesn’t showcase enough of Aparo’s art.








I love the movement and power here.

I love the movement and power here.

Speaking of movement ...

Speaking of movement …

Another top fave.

Another top fave despite the size of the image. Aquaman!


Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I’m happy to see The Brave and the Bold #197 on your list. This issue is justifiably famous for the brilliant story by Alan Brennert and the beautiful artwork by Joe Staton & George Freeman. However, the cover by Jim Aparo is also stunning, an atmospheric piece which is simultaneously eerie and romantic.

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  2. He’s my favorite Batman artist of all time. Even though I recognize Neal Adams is the best artist that drew the character, when I think of Batman the first name that pops is the one of Aparo, who was there for more than three decades and did pencils, ink and even lettering.

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  3. Aparo Forever!
    I had a lot of these issues. I think I started really “collecting” Brave and the Bold around the late 170’s early 180’s. The final issues before it became Batman and The Outsiders.

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