13 COVERS: A JERRY ORDWAY Birthday Celebration

One of comics’ most beloved artists turns 63…

Who doesn’t like Jerry Ordway? Seriously, dude’s one of the most popular artists of the last 40 years and with his birthday upon us — he was born Nov. 28, 1957 — it’s time for a 13 COVERS celebration.

I asked Jerry what series he’s worked on was his favorite and he said it’d be difficult to choose between his Superman, Shazam! and All-Star Squadron output, so I went ahead with his initial Adventures of Superman run in the late ’80s — plus one unrelated cover that he especially likes.

By the way, Jerry recently appeared as a guest in our RETRO HOT PICKS column (click here) and will be a part of our annual TOYHEM! series.

Cool, right?

So here are 13 COVERS — and healthy birthday wishes to Da Ordster!

“I really liked the cover for Human Bomb #1, and it was the first DC one I colored digitally,” Jerry said.





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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. “Back in the day,” I couldn’t get into Byrne’s Superman but really enjoyed the Wolfman/Ordway take and how they could make Superman’s mere lifting of a car coming across as breathtaking and exciting. I’ve been re-reading my Superman collection for several years now and will reach the post-Crisis reboot in a couple months, so I’m curious whether I’ll have the same reaction to the two quite distinct titles. One thing’s for sure: I’ll be loving Ordway’s art on AoS!

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  2. His work on All-Star Squadron and Infinity Inc. fueled my early teen years, a time I yearned for a happier me on a parallel Earth. I will appreciate him to my dying day.

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