13 COVERS: A GIL KANE Birthday Celebration

One of the best.

Gil Kane (nee Eli Katz) was born April 6, 1926 — 92 years ago. (He died in 2000.)

Kane was one of the most prolific cover artists of the Silver and Bronze Ages, so it’s tough to pick just 13 for our annual birthday salute, but we’ll make a go of it.

In years past, we’ve highlighted the Atom, Green Lantern, Spider-Man and Superman. (And for an overview of Kane’s career, click here.)

This time? Back to the Spidey well — but with a twist:

Here are 13 COVERS spotlighting Gil Kane on … Marvel Team-Up!

Dig it.

Frank Giacoia inks

Giacoia inks

Joe Sinnott inks

Dan Adkins inks

Adkins inks

Giacoia inks

Giacoia inks

Giacoia inks

Vince Colletta inks

John Romita inks

Romita inks

Romita inks

Giacoia and Mike Esposito inks

Cover images and credits from the dynamic Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Funny that you should show Team-Up number 17. It was a junk issue, imo, and such a downer for it acting as the conclusion to issue 16 that I had gotten as a kid about 20 or 25 yrs earlier. 16 is a forgotten, overlooked classic to me. It was my introduction to Gil Kane, Len Wein and Marvel’s Captain Marvel,….or other wise known as Mar-vel. Kane’s anatomy and freaky, hyper taught body poses were so powerful and impactful to me. The villain that was introduced in that issue, the Basilisk, on his quest for the alpha stones, which are so similar to what they’re doing in the movies right now….was so cool. Wish they’d mine even a little bit of style and story from that book. I was entranced by that issue as a kid and was so let down when I came across the sloppily wrapped up follow up issue years later. At any rate, Gil Kane was the man. Viva Gil!

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