13 COVERS: A GIL KANE Birthday Celebration

A Super artist…

When I think of Gil Kane, I immediately think of Green Lantern and the Atom. It’s almost Pavlovian. So, over the last couple of years, whenever there’s been a reason to celebrate Kane’s considerable contributions to comics, I’ve tended to focus on the Emerald Gladiator and the Tiny Titan (as well as Spider-Man, to a lesser extent).

Kane was born April 6, 1926, meaning he would have been 91. (He died in 2000.) But rather than repeat myself for this year’s 13 COVERS salute, I’ve decided to go in a Bold! New! Direction!

Enter the Man of Steel, whom Kane illustrated toward the end of the Bronze Age. Dig, then, these 13 COVERS featuring Superman. (And if you still want to enjoy 13 Green Lantern covers, click here. The Atom? Click here. Spidey? Click here.)

Dick Giordano inks

Cover images and credits from the super Grand Comics Database.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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