When BOB DYLAN Met Carmine Infantino’s JOKER

JOKER WEEK: Infidels!

UPDATED 9/30/19: Hey, it’s JOKER WEEK! Perfect time to pluck this one out of the vaults from 2016 and present it to you again! Groovy! And for more JOKER WEEK festivities, click here. — Dan

Earlier today, I posted that The Times They Are a-Changin’ was Bob Dylan’s greatest contribution to comics, what with the song’s inclusion in Watchmen’s inspired opening credits sequence. (Click here. It’s awesome.)

But on the day that he won the Nobel for literature I’m also reminded of those afternoons on the couch decades ago, during the dawn of MTV, when Dylan’s Jokerman (from the album Infidels) was in heavy rotation.

My favorite part? When the Joker himself appeared. And not just any Joker, but Carmine Infantino’s classic depiction. (Inked by Murphy Anderson.)

A little cockeyed, but it’s the best I could find.



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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I was too busy teaching school to have ever seen the Dylan/Joker crossover video Jokerman. I do remember bringing out students to protest Rotgut Reagan’s policies during one of his visits here. So once Dylan gets serious in the video and we snap to the various joker images and then to Reagan the video is retrieved nicely. When I first saw Watchman the opening you link almost made me walkout. It was technically well done in terms of the Watchman tale. Even tho that story itself and it’s lightning bolt evisceration of neo con politics has value, mixing the Times They are Changin was one of the steps leading to the ”alternative facts” world in which we are now living. Political horror is what political horror does. But hey the man is now selling whiskey.

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