BOB DYLAN Talks History of BATMAN. Really.

Got a few seconds?


I’ve had Bob Dylan on the brain since he won the Nobel the other day. And I always have Batman on the brain. So thanks to buddy Rob Kelly, both meet here, when Dylan talks Batman on his satellite Theme Time Radio Hour show. (Click here for more on that.)

The clip below comes from the third season’s third episode, which had a “Night” theme. It’s not long but it’s a lot of fun to hear:

So cool. I’m pretty sure that’s the Marketts’ rollicking version of the Batman theme but feel free to correct me.

Oh, and want more Dylan and comics? Of course you do: Click here for his Watchmen connection and click here for his Joker connection.

And here’s the Marketts’  version of the Batman theme in its entirety:


Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. thanks for that. authentic child’s eye view of the importance of ideal heroes to transform into , totally relate. you can go places and experience things not otherwise possible. i used to wear a towel stuffed into the back of my collar, my superman cape, i was him. faster than a speeding bullet. i never could exactly understand why i couldn’t take off and fly. but i didn’t dwell on it. 🙂 thanks that was great, will share.

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  2. Superman was recently posted in a seminar as a metaphor for the United States in the 1950’s. The country was literally the most powerful on the planet back then.

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