TOY FAIR 2018: SUPERMAN’s Red Trunks Return to Action Figures

Wasting no time with the merchandising…

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DC sent fans into a tizzy last month when the publisher revealed that Superman would be getting his classic red trunks back with Action #1000 in April. (See above — and click here for more on that.)

Of course, not only have said trunks been missing from the comics (and movies and TV and whatnot) for the past six years or so, there’s been a whole raft of merchandise featuring the blue, monochromatic look.

So, naturally, when DC Collectibles first announced its upcoming, 7-inch-scale Essentials action-figure line, Superman was missing the trunks:

But DC on Thursday revealed many of its Toy Fair 2018 offerings — click here — and tucked in the photo gallery was this:

Yep, an updated version of the figure, in his Action #1000 look, which is pretty much the same as his classic look but with the addition of fancy cuffs that recall Henry Cavill’s movie costume.

There have been plenty of “classic” Superman action figures over the last several years, but those have all specifically paid homage to stories or imagery from the past.

The Essentials line, on the other hand, is focused more on DC’s current crop. It’s due to start hitting this spring, with figures in the $25 range.

For the TOY FAIR 2018 INDEX of stories, click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Superman action with the Red Trunks has always been important as it is vital to the blue suit. Not just the S, not just the ed cape, but the WHOLE PACKAGE! And finally, we get to See superman back in his trunks and iconic suit again, especially as a toy. THIS is the Superman I want my young nephews to be familiar with as I was when I was a kid.

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