This Week in AXIS: Inhuman Rules

Three tie-ins, four stories — and Inhuman rises above.


Inhuman #9. Writer: Charles Soule. Artist: Ryan Stegman. Color Artist: Richard Isanove.
I’m so happy this is an Axis crossover because I’ve wanted to review this book forever. Seriously, support this book. The only problem with this issue is if you are not reading Axis you will have no clue why Medusa is acting like she is: Medusa has become a victim of the inversion and is acting like a right despot, ready to go to war with the human world. But it kind of works because the POV of the story is that of the recently created Inhumans, so the reader kind of knows what they know and nothing else. There is another, rather awesome second story in the book featuring a newly created Inhuman female running afoul of some corrupt Inhumans that want to use her body to house an ancient Inhuman’s consciousness. Charles Soule and Ryan Stegman are creating a complex world and every month is a huge surprise. This is one of Marvel’s finest books right now and should be experienced by any fan, especially since the Inhumans are quickly becoming a major part of Marvel television and films. (See our interview with Stegman here.)

Grade: A-


Axis: Revolutions #3

Nice Shot. Writer: Ray Fawkes. Artists: Pepe Larraz & Rodrigo Zayas. Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg.
A nice little character piece on Kitty Pryde showcasing just how much mayhem she could cause with her phasing power if she didn’t have her ingrained morality. Ray Fawkes clearly understands Pryde and plays with the inversion nicely but nothing actually happens in this story. Pryde mocks some bank guards, robs a bank vault, takes down a mutant hating bank president, and escapes. There was no arc to the story at all, but it sure looked pretty with action-packed art by Larraz and Rodrigo Zayas. Many of these inversion stories don’t move beyond the gimmick to tell an actual story. At least this one had effective action. Grade: C+

Castles in the Sand. Writer: Frank Barbiere. Artist: Victor Santos. Color Artist: Lauren Affe.
This is a fantastic Sandman story focusing on the sometime-hero/sometime-villain being inspired by the inversion to bust an old pal out of prison. The story showcased the complex loyalty of the Sandman and was a very enjoyable read. I look forward to more Marvel work from Frank Barbiere. Other than watching an inverted Absorbing Man do heroic deeds on television, this is barely an Axis story. But it s a fun story and one of the best looks at the semi-heroic Sandman we’ve had in a long time. Grade: A

Overall: Grade B


All-New X-Factor #17. Writer: Peter David. Artist: Carmine Di Giandomenico. Colorist: Lee Loughridge.
Peter David’s X-Factor is still heading for its climax with this Axis crossover featuring the X-Factor team versus an inverted Sunfire and Longshot. David’s usual masterful pacing and character work are here although there is not enough meat on this story to justify its four-issue length. The issue is one big fight with some fun character bits but no real purpose connecting to Axis. It really just seems like an interruption to the Serval storyline David was telling before Axis intruded.

Grade: C+

Author: 13th Dimension

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