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All those DC heroes — and you ain’t seen nothin’ yet…

Comics great George Perez announced his retirement this month (click here) and we’re celebrating his illustrious career across 13 days with the TOP 13 GEORGE PEREZ COUNTDOWN — ranking his best work going back to his professional beginnings in the 1970s. I’m personally most familiar with Perez’s DC output, so I’ve enlisted 13th Dimension contributor Anthony Durso to make the daily picks. (He also made that fancy banner.) Get your arguments ready, folks! — Dan 

Pick #8 was The Brave and the Bold. (Click here.) Next up on the countdown:


When he began his run on Justice League of America, George Perez had the unenviable task of taking over for the popular, long-time artist Dick Dillin, who had died. Perez was quickly thrown into the story Crisis Between Two Earths, the annual JLA/JSA crossover, guest-starring the New Gods — foreshadowing his work several years later on DC’s magnum opus Crisis on Infinite Earths. Perez’s run on the title was relatively short-lived but he did stick around for a second JLA/JSA crossover, this time guest-starring the Secret Society of Super-Villains. In addition, he pencilled the framing sequence for #200 as well as its magnificent cover. Speaking of covers, Perez continued to provide the majority of the cover art for Justice League of America #201 to #220. Interiors for most of these issues were provided by Don Heck. Poor Don Heck. Would you want to be the guy who followed Perez on the book? — Anthony Durso

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Anthony Durso is the owner of Retropolis Tees and the custom toy-package website The Toyroom.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Mr. Perez’s character models for the Justice League and Justice Society are perfect.

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  2. I forgot to mention that George Perez also did a stellar set of JLA postcards back in 1984, including a Justice League Detroit card!

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