The Secret Lives of Cosplayers

I asked 13 of them about their secret identities …

I love that cosplayers come from all walks of life. So, as I do every year, I asked 13 people at New York Comic Con what they do when they’re not dressed as their favorite characters.

Here’s what they said… 

Andrew: Works in security

Olivia (left): Student. Marlena (right): Make-up artist

Jennifer: Assistant editor at television network

Heather (at Grand Central Station as fans hustled to NYCC): Fiddler

She was playing the theme from X-Men.

Steven: A law student working in technology education

Rachel: Grad student working on a Ph.D. in neuroscience

Brennen: Works for a cable company

Daniel: Student

Arturo: Environmental program officer at a foundation

Larry: “Living life”

Peter: Works for a shipping company

Harry: Surgical scheduler


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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