The Secret Lives of Cosplayers

I asked 13 of them about their secret identities …

Catwoman and Batman get directions. Photo by Wendy Greenfield, who just happened on this scene.

Whenever I tell someone who’s not a comics fans I’m going to a convention, they always ask me whether I’m dressing up. I don’t. Just not my bag, baby.

But I get the appeal. And I also like that cosplayers come from all walks of life. So, as we did last year (click here) and the year before, I asked 13 people (and their companions) at New York Comic Con what they do when they’re not dressed as their favorite characters.

Here’s what they said… 

Alexandra: Nurse assistant

Brad: Works in vocational rehab

Jennie: Museum professional

Jose: Comics salesman

Alex and Peter: Batman is a student and Robin is an engineer.

Yalda: Video producer

Jose: Actor

Mo: Graphic designer and illustrator for an ad agency

Bill: Actor

Rebecca: Waitress

Anthony and Kathy: He works at a logistic company. She works in an accounting office.

Monique: Works in photography.

Anthony: Behavioral neuroscientist


Author: Dan Greenfield

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