THE RIDDLER’S First Appearance Expected to Fetch Thousands at Auction

Riddle me this: What jewel is made of paper and plastic?

Been poking around the auction world this week and on Thursday, we brought you news of a groovy piece of original Marshall Rogers Batman art that’s going under the proverbial hammer at Heritage Auctions.

But another pricey Batmorsel also caught my eye — a slabbed, mid-grade copy of Detective Comics #140, the Riddler’s 1948 debut by Bill Finger, Dick Sprang and Charles Paris, with a Win Mortimer cover.

Gotta figure interest will be high given The Batman’s popularity and the Riddler’s central role in the blockbuster. Dig the description from

Detective Comics #140 (DC, 1948) CGC FN- 5.5 Off-white pages. The origin and first appearance of that cognitive criminal, the Riddler (aka Edward Nigma). The Win Mortimer cover features Batman and Robin. “Riddle me this, Batman — When are two bats worth more than $25,000? When they’re on the cover of a FN- copy of Detective Comics #140!” Dick Sprang and Curt Swan are responsible for the art on this book that is currently tied for #68 spot on Overstreet’s list of Top 100 Golden Age Comics. Overstreet 2021 FN 6.0 value = $8,400. CGC census 3/22: 8 in 5.5, 46 higher.

A couple thoughts:

— Bidding starts March 18 and is due to end the weekend of April 7-10, 2022.

— If this copy ends up going too high for your budget (as it will mine), there is a second, lower-grade copy also available.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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