The ORIGINAL CAPTAIN MARVEL Returns in BATMAN ’66 Prequel Comic

Andy Fish has the right idea.

It never made sense to me that there wasn’t a Batman/Captain Marvel team-up in The Brave and the Bold back in the day (or Batman/Shazam!, if you must, DC). The editors delighted in having the Darknight Detective play against characters that were tonally in conflict.

Batman/Karate Kid? Batman/Kamandi? Batman/Plastic Man? All happened.

Not so for Captain Marvel — even though DC wanted to find a way to sell the World’s Mightiest Mortal to the masses. (It would be decades before the producers of the B&B cartoon would rectify this.)

Regardless, artist Andy Fish has the right idea: He’s brought Captain Marvel — and he’s not called Shazam! — into his free, unauthorizedĀ Batman ’66 prequel webcomic Sinister Sideshow of Dr. Scorpio. (For more on this awesome project — aka Batman ’64click here.)

In the latest chapter, Commissioner Gordon is rescued by Cap in the most Commissioner Gordonest of ways (“Captain Marvel! I knew I could count on you!”):

The idea is that Captain Marvel was Gotham’s protector just as the Caped Crusader was starting out. As the series plays out, Andy says, we’ll see that he’s Batman’s Obi-Wan.

Later in the series…

Andy’s a fan of old serials and so I dig that he managed to make Captain Marvel look like a mix between Tom Tyler, who played him in the 1941 adventure series, and Fred MacMurray, who is said to be the model for Cap’s look.

MacMurray on the left, Tyler on the right.

Hell, Andy could have made him look like Jackson Bostwick and I would have been cool with it.

It’s just great to see Captain Marvel and Batman together, like they should have been 40 years ago.

If only… (From the awesome blog Super-Team Family… The Lost Issues!)


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel. I’ll never call the character Shazam. That’s the wizard’s name. Figure it out DC. I don’t care what the lawyers say.

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  2. This is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Dan!

    (And am I the only one who randomly shouts, “SHAZAM!” just to see if it works? Because as a dude in his 50s, I wouldn’t mind being a super-powered version of my younger self.)

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  3. šŸ˜‰ Now, if we’re talking the ’66 My Three Sons era Fred MacMurray…he pro’lly wouldn’t be flying – at least not in live action… I would totally pay $3.99 for both a standard and an Alex Ross variant on that bad boy! Take my money!

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