The Coolest Thing MARVEL Has Done This Year: ’60s T-SHIRT VARIANTS

I love this.

Not everyone likes variant covers but I dig ’em. That’s why we do a weekly VARIANTS! round-up of the best in the biz.

Well, come this fall, Marvel is putting out a series of “T-shirt variants” to coincide with its ostensibly back-to-basics Marvel Legacy initiative.

Basically, they’re taking the designs from ’60s T-shirts and plastering them onto covers. We’re talking art by Kirby and Ditko, folks.

Here are eight of the designs:

There will also be one for Incredible Hulk #709.

The House of Ideas had a good one here. And of course, I’d like to see these designs come back as T-shirts.

But what I want to see after that is … Slurpee variants!


Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I’d pay real money for t-shirts based upon these classic designs. Except these days I am an XXL instead of a Youth! Somebody, take my money!

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    • You can grab the image off the internet, go to vistaprint dot com and make the t-shirt yourself. 🙂

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  2. When are these coming out?

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  3. That’s too cool for school! Incidentally, I have a “distressed” Spidey shirt with that same Ditko design. Got it at Target a few years back.

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