The Bronze Age Homages of Sal Abbinanti’s New ATOMIKA: GOD IS RED Omnibus Edition

The well-known artist rep has his own Kickstarter up — and it features a big salute to the creators of the Silver and Bronze Ages…

Sal Abbinanti is best known as the representive for megastar artists such as Alex Ross and Bill Sienkiewicz but he’s also long been recognized as a creator in his own right. His latest project? An omnibus edition of the cult classic Atomika: God Is Red, which was conceptualized and illustrated by Abbinanti and written by Andrew Dabb. The whole shebang is is being funded via Kickstarter.

Abbinanti and Dabb “are bringing their cult classic comic Atomika: God Is Red to Kickstarter, with an all-new, massive omnibus edition that includes rare and never-before-seen art by legendary illustrators Tim Bradstreet, Claudio Castellini, Gene Colan, Darwyn Cooke, Glenn Fabry, David Mack, Eric Powell, John Romita Sr., Alex Ross, Steve Rude, Bill Sienkiewicz, Michael Turner, and more!” reads the project’s official statement. “Originally self-published between 2005 and 2011, the cold war era sci-fi superhero comic features Atomika, the modern god of the 20th Century Soviet Union, battling the old mythological gods of Slavic Russia. The Atomika: God Is Red Omnibus Edition features more than 75 pages of new art, the entire 12-issue series, and a stunning wraparound cover by award-winning artist Alex Ross.”


“After numerous failed attempts to get work from mainstream publishers I decided to self-publish my story inspired by the works of Jack Kirby and John Buscema,” Abbinanti said. “Atomika is about the death of religion in our society and how it has been replaced with technology. Now I’m thrilled to present the story in one big compilation and showcase some exciting ways to back the project.”

The story alone is compelling, but also check out the bonus material by such big-timers as John Romita, Alex Nino and the late Gene Colan and Tony DeZuniga (whose birthday happens to coincide with the Kickstarter’s launch):

Romita and Beth Sotelo




And here’s some of Abbinanti’s process art and a few story pages:

The Atomika: God Is Red Omnibus Edition Kickstarter is now live. Click here for more info.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Sal is not only a talented artist, but is also the sales rep for Alex Ross, Bil Seinkewicz, and others. And, he’s the funniest podcast guest you’ve ever heard (dig through the archives of Comic Geek Speak).

    Also, he was Alex Ross’ model for Captain Marvel in Kingdom Come, etc.

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