The 13 RULES OF LOVE — By Your Favorite Superhero Couples

Happy Valentine’s Day! Dig this advice from Clark, Lois, Peter, Gwen, Bruce, Selina, Ben, Alicia…


It’s that time. The time to tell the person you love “Happy Valentine’s Day.” And if you would like to show them your love in the best way possible, study up on what 13 comic-book couples can teach you.

Rule #1: Don’t go by physical appearances, it’s what inside that you will love.

Superman #297 (Mar. 1976, DC). Elliot Maggin and Cary Bates, script. Curt Swan, pencils. Bob Oksner, inks. Bob Wiacek, backgrounds.

Rule #2: Opposites attract, yes, but true love cannot exist without true respect.

Julie Newmar and Adam West in the Batman TV episode, “Catwoman Goes to College,” first aired February 22, 1967 on ABC.

Rule #3: Secrets are not healthy for a relationship.

Green Lantern #26 (Jan. 1964, DC). Gil Kane, pencils. Murphy Anderson, inks, with some possible Joe Giella inking and/or alterations.

Rule #4: Long-distance relationships are hard. Consider relocating to where they are and give up being “me first” in order to become “us forever.”

The Flash #203 (Feb. 1971, DC). Art and coloring by Neal Adams and Jack Adler.

Rule #5: When you love someone, have faith in them.

The Amazing Spider-Man #66 (Nov. 1968, Marvel). Stan Lee, script. John Romita, pencils. Mike Esposito, inks.

Rule #6: Communication is very important to a relationship. Tell each other how you feel.

Batman #153 (Feb. 1963). Sheldon Moldoff, pencils. Charles Paris, inks.

Rule #7: Don’t let the one you love fight their battles alone.

Daredevil #75 (Oct. 1981, Marvel). Frank Miller, pencils. Klaus Janson, inks.

Rule #8: Keep your love as young and fresh as the first day you met.

Splash page from the first “Archie” story, Pep Comics #22 (Dec. 1941, Archie). Victor Bloom, script. Bob Montana, art.

Rule #9: Marriage is meant for people who love each other. Don’t let peer pressure make you do something you do not want to do.

Batman Family #11 (May-June 1977, DC). Jim Aparo, art.

Rule #10: Love cannot be rushed. Be patient.

Fantastic Four #5 (Mar. 2019, Marvel). Variant cover art by Esad Ribić.

Rule #11: A memorable wedding is something many brides have dreamed of for a long time, and the groom needs to support her in this.

Tales of the Teen Titans #50 (Feb. 1985, DC). Art by George Perez.

Rule #12: “I do” is the beginning of love’s adventures together.

Marvels #2 (Feb. 1994, Marvel). Kurt Busiek, script, Alex Ross, art.

Rule #13: Love exists beyond “until death do us part.”

52 #52 (May 2, 2007, DC). Artist and writer undetermined. Four writers, seven pencillers and five inkers worked on the issue.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I think the last one is Ralph Dibny The Elongated Man, and his wife Sue. The twitching nose is a giveaway.

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    • It is. Both died but were rejoined in the afterlife.

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  2. Love the cameos in Alex Ross’ version of the wedding of Reed & Sue– The Beatles, Clark Kent and “Rob & Laura Petrie” among them!

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  3. I also see Willie Lumpkin in the Ross image. Norman Osborn next to J Jonah and could that be Billy Batson far in the back?

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