Take a Groovy Tour of TITANS TOWER — Circa 1981

Wolfman, Perez and a sweet bit of awesome…

I recently started a New Teen Titans re-read — picking up the series for the first time since I read it in the ’80s.

The Beautiful Part #1: Finding out that, so far, the Marv Wolfman/George Perez definitely holds up.

The Beautiful Part #2: Finding gems like this — a cutaway of Titans Tower from The New Teen Titans #7, released in February 1981. (Most of the issue is designed to show off the team’s new HQ.)

Dig this:

I am a total sucker for superhero cutaways like this. Wouldn’t it be great if DC (and Marvel) compiled entire books of just cutaways?

But at least we have the Who’s Who and Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe omnibi.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Hmm let’s design the Tower with the young men and women on completely separate floors, we would not want any personal relationships between members otherwise…

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  2. I’m guessing that 1B is where most of the scenes were set? Was this the room with the giant full-figure portraits of all the characters?

    (Those giant full-figure portraits always struck me as being strange. I’m trying to imagine going to work and everyday there were giant full-figure portraits of me and all my co-workers hanging on the walls of the office.)

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  3. Learn your slang! “Groovy” had left the slang gorgon by the mid 70s. By 1981, things were “cool,” or “awesome” if you were a surfer.

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