SuperMOOC 2 Comics Lectures Start

The lecture series brought to you by Christy Blanch with a helpful hand from 13th Dimension kicks off with interviews with legendary writer and editor Denny O’Neil and Buzzkill’s Donny Cates.


The first month’s topic  in Social Issues Through Comic Books is Addiction. Everything you need to know is below, so sign up today. Thousands of your fellow readers already have!

This is Christy’s second MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), coming a year after last year’s wildly successful debut, “Gender Through Comic Books.”

We here at 13th Dimension couldn’t be prouder to be a part of the sequel: We’ll be bringing you special interviews, reading lists and guest columns from comics heavyweights to augment the tremendous course that Christy has put together. Today, for example, we have an exclusive essay by Denny O’Neil himself and tomorrow Donny Cates will have a recommended reading list of his own.

Here’s Christy to explain everything you need to know to participate — how to sign up, what you’ll read, the topics that will be covered — such as drug use, the environment and immigration — as well as the big names involved, like Scott Snyder and Mark Waid.

SuperMOOC 2 ends on Aug. 18.

From Christy Blanch:

Last summer, I taught an open-enrollment online class called “Gender through Comic Books” to more than 7,200 students around the world. Using a wide variety of in-print comics and graphic novels and conducting live interviews with such creators as Brian K. Vaughan, Terry Moore, Gail Simone and others, the course was designed to explore the history and social impact of gender roles in society, LGBT issues, and similar topics of discussion.

Beginning on March 10, I’ll be offering another, even more ambitious open online course exploring “Social Issues through Comic Books” on As with the previous course, there will be assigned reading and live interviews with writers and artists. The students will tweet or post their questions for the creators and THOSE will be the questions we ask. It’s the students doing the interviewing.

All videos will also be posted for students to watch or re-watch.

And because my partners at the store Alter Ego Comics in Muncie, Ind., and I are big believers in the power of community, we are inviting stores around the country, even the world, to participate. We are asking stores to host a once-a-month “book club” where students in the area can meet face to face and discuss that month’s topic and the accompanying reading.

At the course website ( where you can sign up, students will be able to see which stores in their area are participating. And students who complete the course will earn a special certificate with custom art by J.G. Jones.

Here is a list of the comics and graphic novels we’ll be using:

Month One (March 10-April 9) – ADDICTION: Buzzkill TP, Green Lantern #85 and #86 included in Green Lantern Green Arrow TP, Batman: Venom TP, and Sex Criminals #1 also available in Sex Criminals TP V1

Interviews: Denny O’Neil and Donny Cates


Month Two (April 10-May 9) – ENVIRONMENT: Swamp Thing: Rot World  V3, The Massive TP V1, Hinterkind TP V1, Hawkeye #7 in TP V2

Interviews: Jeff Lemire, Matt Fraction


Month Three (May 10-June 9) – SOCIAL INEQUALITY: Lazarus TP V1, Scalped TP V1, X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills TP, and “March.”

Interviews: Greg Rucka and Jason Aaron


Month Four (June 10-July 9) – IMMIGRATION: American Born Chinese, Action Comics #900 in Superman: Black Ring V2, Superman Unchained #1, and Skin Horse V1 (order here).

Interviews: Shaenon Garrity, Jeffrey Wells, Scott Snyder, and Gene Yang


Month Five (July 10-August 18) – MEDIA, GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION, AND INFORMATION PRIVACY: Transmetropolitan TP V1, Global Frequency TP, Nightly News TP V1, Daredevil #4-6 in Daredevil TP V1

Interviews: Warren Ellis, Jonathan Hickman, and Mark Waid


The books are available at local comic book stores or on They will be offering a discount on these books, but we’re not yet sure what the percentage will be. Last time it was 35 percent.

Our website,, will list all of the participating stores and their contact information.

We hope to offer many more courses like this one in the years to come. We believe they serve a valuable purpose.

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Author: Dan Greenfield

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