STAR TREK: DEBT OF HONOR to Be Re-Released in Original Large Size

IDW picks up the phaser from DC…

Hey, William Shatner turned 90 this week. Perfect time to point out that one of the most memorable Star Trek graphic novels is being dusted off for a re-release nearly 30 years after it first saw print — Star Trek: Debt of Honor, by Chris Claremont and Adam Hughes.

Dig the official description from IDW’s latest solicitations:

Star Trek: Debt of Honor Classic Edition

Chris Claremont (w) • Adam Hughes (a) • Jason Palmer (c)

In this oversized graphic novel from comics legends Chris Claremont and Adam Hughes, Captain Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise find themselves teamed with the Klingons and Romulans to fight the galactic threat that no government dares admit exists…

A stunning 96-page adventure that celebrates Star Trek’s enduring legacy, IDW is thrilled to present this Debt of Honor reprint in its original 8.2” x 11” size.

FC • 100 pages • $9.99

A few thoughts:

Original Dorman hardcover

Debt of Honor was first published in 1992, when DC still had the license. It was originally a hardback and hopefully Dave Dorman’s cover from that initial edition will be included in this package. (The re-release cover features the same Jason Palmer art as the original paperback edition.)

— The book is due June 23, 2021.

— The story is interesting — it takes us through various highlights (and tragedies) of Kirk’s career — but the Adam Hughes art (inked by Karl Story) is what sells it. Dig this 1992 promo poster that showcases Hughes’ uncanny ability to capture the Trek actors’ likenesses:

— If you’re primarily a digital reader, the book has been available for awhile at $4.99. (Click here.) A smaller-scale, hardcover edition is also available through Eaglemoss. (Click here.)


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. also love Gordon Purcell’s work on the characters…

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  2. Got this back in the day in paperback, and just got the hardcover original off eBay last year. Great book.
    And that size format should make a comeback. Lover that original graphic novel format.

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  3. I’ve never liked the paperback cover. The format, font and colors more than the art, but I never understood why they didn’t just stick with the original cover for the reprints and now IDW appears to have made the same decision. Am I in the minority? Do more people like the reprint cover better?

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