Stand Back, Citizens! It’s BATMAN ’66 WEEK!

It was 48 years ago today that Adam West Batusi-ed his way into the world’s consciousness, igniting Batmania.

batmanweekThat’s right, on, Jan. 12, 1966, the world went Batcrazy and a generation or two of us followed. Some of us have loved it forever. Some of us loved it as kids then turned on it. Some of us loved it, loathed it, then rediscovered its joy.

It’s that joy we’re gonna celebrate this week with a series of interviews, features, plus some bona fide surprises as well!

Here’s just a sampling of some of the names you’ll see pop up: Mark Waid, Tom Peyer, Jeff Parker, Chris Burnham, Jim Beard and many, many more. In fact, just a bit later on photographer Seth Kushner will share his portraits of three of the greatest Bat-legends.

This is my second Batman ’66 Week. The first one was at the protoblog that predated this website. (And last month we did APES WEEK to salute the greatness of Planet of the Apes!)

Between then and now, I’ve had the pleasure of writing many a word about the show that turned me into the Batman fan I am today. My favorites, of course, were the one-on-one interviews with Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Newmar.

Here they are in case you missed them, or just wanna refresh your memory, or if you just wanna get in the mood for what’s to come every day between now and Friday!

ADAM WEST talks about his time in the cowl — the chances of finally getting the show on video.



BURT WARD — who I say without irony is the greatest Robin of them all, in any medium — describes getting cast for the role of a lifetime.



JULIE NEWMAR — the one, true Catwoman — flirts her way deeper into my heart and tells many a cat o’ nine tales, including one about her favorite scene trying to seduce our hero.



“Gosh, Dan, when you put it like that,” I know you’re saying, “I’ll be careful to study every word of Batman ’66 Week!”

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Author: Dan Greenfield

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