SNEAK PEEK: Dig This Upcoming Look at the Wacky Promos of the Bronze Age

Plus spotlights on Paul Gustavson, Alfredo Alcala… and JAWSMANIA!

After 2020’s pandemic-driven crisis in publishing, TwoMorrows has kicked it into gear early in 2021 with a stack of new issues headed your way.

We’ve already given you info on Comic Book Creator #27 and its spotlight on Paul Gulacy (click here), as well as Back Issue’s two-part look at TV tie-in comics (click here).

Well, here are four more mags in the pipeline, including Back Issue’s focus on comicdom’s promos, ads and gimmicks, plus new issues of Alter Ego and RetroFan.

Check out these official descriptions from TwoMorrows:

Back Issue #130

September 2021 – 84 FULL-COLOR pages

Bronze Age Promos, Ads, and Gimmicks! Who was the mystery writer of those zany Hostess Comic Ads? Plus: the aborted DC Super-Stars Society fan club, DC 16-page Preview Comics, the DC Hotline, Popeye Career Comics, early variant covers, and more. Featuring Mike W. Barr, Kurt Busiek, Mike Chen, Glenn Herdling, Paul Kupperberg, Paul Levitz, Kevin Maguire, Dan Mishkin, Tom Morgan, Mark Pacella, Jimmy Palmiotti, Bob Rozakis, Scott Shaw!, Terry Stewart, Roy Thomas, Marv Wolfman, and more. With a previously unpublished 1979 5-Star Super-Hero Spectacular cover by Dick Dillin and Dick Giordano. Edited by Michael Eury.

RetroFan #17

November 2021 – 84 FULL-COLOR pages

Dark Shadows’ Angelique, Lara Parker, sinks her fangs into RetroFan #17 in an exclusive interview. Plus: Rankin-Bass’ Mad Monster Party, Aurora Monster model kits, a chat with Aurora painter James Bama, George of the Jungle, The Haunting, Jawsmania, Drak Pack, TV dads’ jobs, and more fun, fab features! Featuring columns by Ernest Farino, Andy Mangels, Will Murray, Scott Saavedra, and Scott Shaw! Edited by Michael Eury.

Alter Ego #171

September 2021 – 84 pages (FULL COLOR)

Alter Ego #171 features Paul Gustavson—Golden Age artist extraordinaire of The Angel, Fantom of the Fair, The Arrow, The Human Bomb, The Jester, Plastic Man, Alias the Spider, Quicksilver, Rusty Ryan, Midnight, and many more—is the issue’s centerpiece as his son Terry Gustafson (nope, that “F” isn’t a typo!) talks in-depth to Richard Arndt. Lots of lush comic art from Centaur, Timely, and (especially) Quality! Plus—FCA, Michael T. Gilbert, John Broome, and more!

Alter Ego #172

November 2021 – 84 pages (FULL COLOR)

In the 1970s, talented artists from the Philippines were uncrowned kings of the comics—and no one drew more or better than Alfredo Alcala! He’s best known in the U.S. for his dreamscape work on Savage Sword of Conan—but wait’ll you get a look at Voltar, the barbarian hero Alcala created before the Cimmerian came to comics! In Alter Ego #172, Richard Arndt interviews his sons Alfred and Christian, where you’ll see the best of the Master’s work for Marvel, DC, Warren—and, perhaps most amazingly of all, from his native Philippines, where Alfredo had his own comicbook named after him! Also: FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America), Michael T. Gilbert in Mr. Monster’s Comic Crypt, Peter Normanton digs horror comics history From The Tomb, John Broome, and more!

All four will run $9.95 each and be available in comics shops and from magazine sellers. But you can also get them directly from TwoMorrows — and they’re already up for pre-order. On-sale dates and ordering links are below. (Dates could vary by a week or two.)

— Back Issue #130, Aug. 25. Click here.

— RetroFan #17, Oct. 13. Click here.

— Alter Ego #171, Aug. 18. Click here.

— Alter Ego #172, Oct. 13. Click here.


— PAUL GULACY and SHANG-CHI to Get Much-Deserved TwoMorrows Spotlight. Click here.

— BRONZE AGE TV Tie-In Comics to Get Special Celebration. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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