SILVER AND GOLD: Dig These Gorgeous Classic DC COMICS Cover Prints

An offbeat way to get a big stash of sweet vintage comics art…

For years, Asgard Press has supplied fans with beautiful calendars that feature oversize reprints of some of DC’s most colorful covers from the Golden and Silver Ages.

Sadly, though, the license is expiring and 2021 is the last year the calendars will be available.

But get this: Asgard is now offering a bundle of this year’s five calendars, plus two notecard sets for $59.

Now, why would you want a bunch of calendars with the year almost halfway over? Because those nifty 9 x 12″ reprints are removable and, as they say, suitable for framing.

Check out what’s available in the bundle:

You also don’t have to buy them by the bundle. They’re available separately and Asgard is also selling a selection of 2020 calendars, as well. Click here and poke around.

And no, I don’t get a kickback here. This is just a public service for those, like me, who love to get lost in old comics covers.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I get the Vintage DC Comics calendar every year and I always keep them–they’re beautiful calendars!

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