MARVEL Salutes Bronze, Silver Ages in 2022 Calendar

In two sizes!

On Friday, we posted the news that DC has a really groovy Bronze Age Batman calendar coming in 2022. You can click here for all the details and lovely art.

But if you’re a Marvel fan, you’re also in luck. Coming later this year is the 2022 Marvel Wall Calendar, which looks to be jam-packed with images from the Silver and Bronze Ages.

Dig this cover and some sample pages, from an Amazon listing:

Not just that, there’s a smaller-scale version as well, with a far out cover:

A few thoughts:

Back of the standard calendar

— The two calendars, by Trends International, appear to be identical in content. The listing for the smaller calendar shows similar art, except for the cover.

— While the Batman calendar looks like it’s utilizing largely stock art — though very snazzy stock art — the Marvel one showcases a litany of artists, including Jack Kirby, John Romita, John Buscema, Barry Windsor-Smith and more.

— Both calendars are due June 21 — that’s next month! The standard version is listed for $14.99 and is already available for pre-order. (Click here.) The smaller version is $7.99. (Click here.)


— THEY’RE BACK! Classic MARVEL Black Light Posters Revived for 2021. Click here.

— FANTASTIC FOUR #1: Marvel Plans Major Tribute to Lee and Kirby’s Classic. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I wish they would include anniversary dates of creators’ birthdays, milestones from the various issues etc. I don’t need a Marvel calendar to tell me when New Years is. I need a calendar to tell me when Jack Kirby’s birthday is!

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    • I remember the mid 70’s calendars had those birthdays listed. They had a lot of cool anniversary dates and trivia listed.

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  2. Sadly, once again, no Fantastic Four. How shabbily they treat the cornerstone of the Marvel Universe. I know they did a special calendar for them this year, but they have been omitted from years worth of calendars, etc.

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  3. They chose an interesting array of covers! I agree with Richard above about the sad lack of representation by the FF. And what’s up with that faux Ant-Man logo on TTA? Like most Marvel fans somehow don’t know many of their favorite characters started in anthology books…

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