SHAZAM! It’s a C.C. BECK Birthday Celebration


It’s been a great year to shout “Shazam!” — and today’s the day the original Captain Marvel’s co-creator, the late artist C.C. Beck, was born in 1910.

Dig this tribute spotlighting Captain Marvel Adventures:


— 13 THINGS to Love About the Original CAPTAIN MARVEL. Click here.

— SHAZAM! A C.C. BECK Birthday Celebration: 2018 Edition. Click here.

Cover images and credits from the Marvel-ous Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. The covers of 17 & 18 would look great in my collection. I’ve only 1 golden age CM in it now. It always bothered me that Nationals lawyers buried CM out of publication and only because it was beating Superman in sales only to buy the rights decades later. But the redesign and naming of the hero today is just a horrible mess. Sad.

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  2. Happy birthday to the late Mr. Beck. I think he’d be plenty happy that his Shazam (Captain Marvel) character is getting some love.

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  3. As a matter of fact, I just finished reading the SHAZAM! VOL. 1 HC (and the missing stories included in the earlier-released SHOWCASE PRESENTS SHAZAM! TP). As much as I love the original Captain Marvel, it never sold for DC. I was reminded of this because the aforemenioned SHOWCASE volume reprints *just* the covers of issues issues #21-24 from the ’70s… and that was because those issues were composed entirely of Fawcett reprints (a sure sign that the title wasn’t selling). They only kept it going because of the Filmation Saturday morning TV show, but after those issues, they decided to experiment by re-aligning the new stories and making them more like the TV show. It’s sad, but you couldn’t even sell that kind of comic book in the 1970s, much less today. Geoff Johns’ rebooted version is one of his few total mis-fires, but I guess there’s unfortunately no market for anything like the original Captain Marvel in today’s comic shop. It made me go and download a bunch of scans of the old Fawcett comic off the web, though. That’s the real good stuff. Not to say the ’70s stuff was bad, because it wasn’t. E. Nelson Bridwell is definitely under-appreciated as a writer.

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  4. It sure is a time for a biography on CC along with a selection of his hand repainted covers in the volume as well his favorite stories if that can be painted down. Or at least stories he has commented on. Then too the pieces in Comics Journal. And of course the favorite stories of some comics world notables who were/are fans, like Roy Thomas, Neal Adams, Michael Uslan, PC Hamerlinck, etc. And maybe a fan contest for the collective top five favorite stories. A two volume set.

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    • Maybe TwoMorrows could do something in book form focusing on C.C. Beck; after all they have the resources connection to Fawcett Collectors of America. I would pay good money for a collection of all C.C.’s “Crusty Old Curmudgeon” columns, too — might be interesting to see whether my opinions (which frequently disagreed with *his* opinions, back when those columns first appeared) have changed at all in the ensuing decades.

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