Scott Allie, Abe Sapien #25 — and the World’s Quickest Interview

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: A bizarre game of word-association — with hints about the new issue, out 8/12 from Dark Horse. Because fun!


Who’s got time these days? Nobody. So we’re playing word-association with Dark Horse Editor-in-Chief Scott Allie, co-writer with Mike Mignola on Abe Sapien. Because it takes, like, 13 seconds.

There are no spoilers here … but there are a few hints about the new issue. Good times!

Hell, this intro is longer than the interview itself. Let’s get on with it. (And don’t forget to check out the EXCLUSIVE preview pages down below!)

13 Words. 13 Answers. Go!

Dan Greenfield: Sriracha

Scott Allie: Branding


Dan: Page 19

Scott: Lawsuit


Dan: Autumn

Scott: Rain


Dan: Frogs

Scott: Plague


Dan: Morgan Freeman

Scott: Forensics


Dan: Mona

Scott: Bumpety-bump


Dan: Family

Scott: Hideaway


Dan: Identity crisis

Scott: Rape culture.


Dan: Ghosts

Scott: Five


Dan: Fiumara

Scott: Team


Dan: Unland

Scott: Ipswich


Dan: Queen Victoria

Scott: Queen Jane


Dan: Cliffhanger

Scott: Chiang

ABES #25 PG 05

ABES #25 PG 06

ABES #25 PG 07

ABES #25 PG 08

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Rape culture indeed.

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