REVIEW: NJ Croce’s EGGHEAD is Eggcellent

Ah, Egghead. How you do endure.

NOTE: For a REVIEW of NJ Croce’s new Justice League 7-pack, click here.

Of all the made-for-TV villains from Batman ’66, Egghead eggsists on a separate plane, matched only by Victor Buono’s King Tut.

I’m not even a huge Egghead fan, yet I recognize his relative cultural impact. Vincent Price gave his two-note character such smarm that he’s almost shorthand for Batcamp.

NJ Croce, primo purveyor of bendable figures, gets it. Off all the villains they could have chosen to bolster the ranks of Joker, Penguin, Riddler and Catwoman, they chose Egghead, now available as an exclusive figure in the company’s second 5-pack.

Egghead’s joined by Batman, Robin, Batgirl and Riddler, so between the two five-packs, you get all eight 5-inch-scale figures.

I’ve said many times over that I really dig NJ Croce’s bendables. Like Funko’s burgeoning action-figure line, these figures straddle that divide between collectible and toy. Sure, you can keep these in the attractive box on your shelf, but you can also remove them from the packaging and bend them this way and that — they’re durable and affordable.

It’s tough to mimic an actor’s likeness with the technology that produces bendable figures but NJ Croce pulls it off. Some of the Batman ’66 characters are better than others but I’d put Egghead in the upper half. Without a mask — or even hair — to hide under, the manufacturer runs the risk of missing the mark on Vincent Price’s features. Yet, somehow they make it work. This figure captures that sleazy unctuousness that was Price’s trademark.

The downside is this is likely the last Batman ’66 figure the company will produce, save a possible Pink Cowl Batman. (Please, guys, that would be great!) They’re also looking at producing multi-color Batmobile keychains — click here for more info on that.

I would have loved to have seen Mr. Freeze and the Mad Hatter, for example. But, hey, this was fun while it lasted. And no matter what, the ones I have give me a warm feeling. They’re new and modern and retro and classic, all at the same time. That’s my sweet spot.

The five-pack will run you anywhere between $25 and $35, depending on where you pick it up, so by all means, shop around.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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