REVIEW: Let’s Get LOST IN SPACE With These Robots

A Holiday Hot Pick!

Y’know what I like? Here’s what I like:

I like it when something unexpected comes long that pushes those nostalgia buttons that are buried so deep inside you that you forgot they were even there.

Take these two Vinimates from Diamond Select Toys:

That’s right, the Robot from Lost in Space and Robby the Robot.

Now, see, most people think of Forbidden Planet when they think of Robby. (He’s branded as such by Diamond.) Not me. My mind goes to that Lost in Space episode that was featured on the View-Master reels I had as a kid — Condemned of Space — in which Robby is a guard on a prison ship. (They also faced off in War of the Robots.)

Thanks to the episode, Young Dan’s little mind was intrigued by the idea of good robots and bad robots — this was several years before Star Wars’ droids — and I found Robby to be far more sinister than his somewhat cuddly appearance would suggest.

Both Robby and the Robot (aka B-9) are departures for the Vinimates line. Vinimates by design are larger, vinyl versions of Diamond’s popular, stylized Minimates — check out my Ted Knight (!) figure over here — but these two robots are really just miniature replicas of each character.

No knock on Minimates, but that’s cool by me, especially where Robot is concerned. Because even though I have an operational Robot, also by Diamond, I dig having this smaller, 4-inch version, even if he isn’t articulated.

Vinimates are affordable too, only about $10-12 each, depending on where you snare yours.

Now, if only I still had my View-Master…


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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