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I am a fan of Funko, as you know. I dig the company’s whole playful aesthetic.

Well, that really comes into play in its most recent Marvel subscription box, which celebrates Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Here’s how it works: Funko has three subscription-box services: Marvel, DC and Star Wars. Each service costs either $25 or $150, depending on your membership level. (Click here for more info.) Every two months, you get a box of exclusive goodies based on a particular theme. And as a subscriber, you can order a box that’s already been released, while supplies last.

I was especially interested in the Spidey box, because he’s my fave Marvel hero — by far — and because the buzz is strong on the movie.

Here’s what’s inside:

You start out right away with the standard patch and pin, affixed to the top flap inside the box. Here you get a military-looking patch featuring the Vulture and a pin that echoes the Spider-Signal.

Then comes all the other neat stuff:

You almost always get an exclusive T-shirt, and this one’s a real treat, with the logo for Midtown High School. There are others like this that you can buy online but they come with an annoying Spider-Man: Homecoming logo on it that ruins the illusion. And while I may be 30-odd years out of high school, I can certainly pretend I’m faculty, y’know? Or maybe an alum?

Often Funko will mix the goodies up among their lines — Dorbz, action figures, etc. But their biggest line is Pop!, so there’s always an exclusive one in the assortment. This one includes a nifty Spidey Pop! bobblehead, side-webbing and all.

You also get two Mystery Minis bobbleheads, packed randomly. My box came with Spidey and the Shocker. (The info card in the box suggests that other subscribers might get the Vulture or Spidey in his homemade outfit.) Normally, as the name suggests, Mystery Minis are blind-boxed, but here Funko’s letting you know exactly what you’re getting.

In addition, there’s the requisite comic-book reprint with a Pop! cover (this one’s Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #1, by Chip Zdarsky and Adam Kubert) and the aformentioned colorful info card, which gives the background of the various items included in the box and promotes the next theme in the series, in this case the Avengers.

So if you’re looking for something a little different this Spidey season and want to get yourself or a friend a gift that keeps on giving every two months, I recommend getting a subscription. I actually have the DC service — click here and here for some of the great stuff that’s knocked my socks off — and I look forward to whenever a box shows up on my doorstep.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I know this falls under the category of, “if you don’t have anything nice to say,….” but, I like the packaging better than what came out of it. Dig all that Romita art.

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