PANEL BY PANEL: The Kickstarter for PAUL KUPPERBERG’s Memoir Is Live

The celebrated Mr. K does what he does best — tell stories. Oh, and it’s his birthday!

Happy birthday to our pal Paul Kupperberg — comic-book lifer, storyteller extraordinaire, and all-around swell guy.

Wanna know what’d make a great gift? Why, supporting the brand spankin’ new Kickstarter for his upcoming memoir, Panel by Panel: My Comic Book Life.

The 21-day crowdfunding endeavor is live now. The book will be published by Crazy 8 Press, assuming the funding goal is reached — which is usually the case where Paul is concerned.

“I was lucky to get into industry when I did,” sez Paul, who is also a columnist for 13th Dimension. “The comics business was just 40 years old in 1975 when I started, and most of the people who created this industry were still alive, many of them still working, so my Silver and Bronze Age peers and I were only one degree of separation from the source. I worked with guys like DC vice president and head of production Sol Harrison, who as an Eastern Color employee literally worked on the color separations for Famous Funnies #1, considered by many to be the first comic book of the modern era.”

Paul with a couple of guys he hangs around with

The book puts an exclamation point on Paul’s recently completed trilogy of interview books that span comics — primarily DC —  from the Golden Age to the present day: Direct Comments, Direct Conversations and Direct Creativity. So now that we’ve heard from dozens of Paul’s predecessors and peers, it’s his turn at the metaphorical mic.

Panel by Panel will cover his earliest days publishing fanzines in Brooklyn with his buddy Paul Levitz — who has special birthday wishes for Paul K — and thread through a decades-long career writing for (or working at) DC Comics, Archie, Marvel, and Bongo Comics, the Weekly World News and WWE. He promises to share “the good, the bad, and the ridiculousness of the comic book industry.”

Click here for more info and to support the Kickstarter. You can also email

And make sure you wish Paul a very happy 69th!


— DIRECT CREATIVITY: PAUL KUPPERBERG’s Fabulous New Book Now on Sale. Click here.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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