O’Neil and Cowan’s QUESTION OMNIBUS Leads DC Spring 2022 Book Releases

PLUS: Legion! New Gods! Catwoman! MORE!

DC Comics has a number of new collections set for spring 2022 and among the best of them is The Question by Dennis O’Neil Omnibus, by O’Neil and artist Denys Cowan.

Other highlights include another Legion: Five Years Later collection, a new printing of the Gotham Central Omnibus and a Brubaker/Cooke Catwoman omnibus.

There are a number of others that have popped up on Amazon, but these are our most noteworthy selections, along with their official descriptions:


By Dennis O’Neil and Denys Cowan

Comics legends Dennis O’Neil and Denys Cowan reinvent DC’s faceless detective in this massive hardcover collection of the acclaimed 1980s series The Question!

Just a few short years after co-creating Spider-Man, artist and writer Steve Ditko created the Question, who worked as an investigative journalist in public and a vigilante in secret.

Two decades later, writer Dennis O’Neil and artist Denys Cowan unleashed their acclaimed reinvention of the Question for the late 1980s, coinciding with one of the most creatively thrilling periods in comics. While retaining familiar elements of the character—including his faceless mask—O’Neil and Cowan also imbued Vic Sage with a Zen philosophy and forced him to ask vital questions about his methods employed while fighting crime in the corrupt town of Hub City.

But with deadly martial artist assassins and political intrigue to contend with, will one man—even a master of unarmed combat—be able to make a difference?

This volume collects The Question #1-27, The Question Annual #1, Green Arrow Annual #1, and Detective Comics Annual #1.

Hardcover/916 pages
List price: $99.99
On-sale date: April 26, 2022


The cover hasn’t been revealed, so I’m using this as a placeholder.

By Various

It’s the Legion of Super-Heroes like you’ve never seen them before, as the heroes of the 30th-century continue one of their boldest and most controversial eras!

As DC’s 30th century super-team, the Legion of Super-Heroes had always stood as a shining example of futuristic optimism–but that changed in 1989 with a new Legion of Super-Heroes series that brought the timeline forward five years. In this even further future, the United Planets became a darker place, with familiar characters changed and the Earth overtaken by alien invaders–and the team reunited to take on these dangerous new threats.

Now this bold and controversial part of DC history is finally collected in a second omnibus edition, from the creative team of DC legend Keith Giffen and Tom and Mary Bierbaum!

Includes L.E.G.I.O.N. #69-70. Legion of Super-Heroes #40-61, Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #4, Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #5, Legionnaires #1-18, Legionnaires Annual #1, ,Valor #20-23, and Who’s Who Update 1993 #1.

Hardcover/‎1,328 pages
List price: $150
On-sale date: April 12, 2022


Cover for the 2016 edition

By Ed Brubaker, Greg Rucka, Michael Lark and others

Gotham City: a town teeming with corrupt cops, ruthless crime lords, petty thieves … and just a small handful that would oppose them. Grizzled veteran Harvey Bullock, Captain Maggie Sawyer, Detective Renee Montoya and the GCPD are the law force that stands between order and complete anarchy.

Gotham’s Finest work around the clock to not only keep the world’s most psychotic criminals off the street… but also cleaning up the mess left behind by Batman’s one-man war on crime.

This Eisner Award-winning series follows the detectives of Gotham City’s Special Crimes Unit as they navigate against the city’s greatest villains–in the shadow of Batman himself. Collects issues #1-40.

Hardcover/ 968 pages
List price: $99.99
On-sale date: April 12, 2022


By Ed Brubaker, Darwyn Cooke and others

NOTE: The listing didn’t include what issues will be included from the acclaimed 2000s series.

Hardcover/‎‎1,064 pages
List price: $100
On-sale date: March 29, 2022


By Mark Evanier, Rick Hoberg and others

NOTE: The listing didn’t include what issues will be included from the ’80s-’90s series. The first volume, however, included Issues ##1-14, and it was a 28-issue series, so…

Paperback/368 pages
List price: $34.99
On-sale date: March 22, 2022

A few thoughts:

The Question omnibus is likely to be the big draw among this group, but you absolutely must read Gotham Central if you haven’t. (The others aren’t too shabby either!)

— DC hasn’t been producing as many retro collections of late but more could be popping up. Our eyes are peeled.

Standard caveat: These have not been solicited by DC yet, so nothing is official until it’s official. Even then, things can change. Just keep coming to 13th Dimension for updates.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I’ve seen most if not all of the announcements. So disappointed in DC that there’s no Golden Age, Silver Age, or Bronze Age collection other than the oft-delayed Phantom Stranger omnibus. Nothing featuring a mainstream DC character.

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  2. Really looking forward to The Question omnibus. I hope that Tim Truman’s Hawkworld is in the next batch of omnibuses that are released.

    Glad that Darwyn Cooke’s Catwoman work is being released in oversized format, but I wish it were limited to just the work that he illustrated (maybe a Deluxe Edition).

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  3. Where is the PLOP! Omnibus?!?!?!

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    • Would love to see a Plop! Omnibus

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  4. I wonder what would be collected in a vol. 2 of The Question’s Omnibus.. Just the remaining 9 issues of the O’Neil-Cowan run + Annual # 2?

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