Really! Omega the Unknown!

Hey, no knock on the cult-fave Bronze Age character, but in a bit of a surprise, Omega the Unknown is getting his own Marvel Masterworks edition this fall.

I found the tidbit on Amazon, though it didn’t include a full description. But here’s what you pretty much need to know: Omega the Unknown was created by Mary Skrenes, Steve Gerber and Jim Mooney and had a 1976-77 series that lasted 10 issues. His story was left hanging and the loose ends were tied up in two issues of The Defenders. He’s popped up from time to time since, but I’d wager that the book will include these 12 issues. (The series has been collected that way in the past.) Beyond that, we’ll have to wait and see.

The cover has not been released but that Gil Kane/Frank Giacoia piece above is mighty snazzy.

If you’re not familiar with Omega the Unknown, check out Marvel’s official bio. (Including spoilers!)

The hardcover lists for $75 and is due Nov. 14, 2023.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Wow. Omega the Unknown was a strange comic. My introduction to was issue 6,
    I bought a Marvel 3 pack because it had Ironman #94 in it. It also had Fantastic Four 202. O.T.U.#6 was hidden between them and when I saw it I thought it was weird but I liked it. The series already had ended. Too bad Steve Gerber never finished it. I heard he never revealed what he was going to do. Those 2 issues in Defenders were not how Gerber would have rapped it up which is a shame. We’ll never know.

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    • I wish they would just leave off the Defenders “ending.” I have never run into anyone who felt it worked, I believe including Steven Grant in at least one of his blogs back in the day.

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  2. I admit to knowing nothing about this character. I’ll consider reading his adventures sometime.

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  3. Sorry, $75 for Omega, the Unknown?! I don’t think they’ll get many buyers for that one.

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  4. I’m not sure the hardback is worth it considering new paperback collections can still be bought for half the price. The series was interesting. I read it at the time. I guess the hardback will be for collectors of Masterworks only.

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  5. Get Mary – or someone/anyone – to divulge Gerber’s original ending, and I’d cough up the $75!

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