NEAL ADAMS MONTH: Inker Scott Williams Pick His Favorite Adams Cover

A Bat-classic.


It’s NEAL ADAMS MONTH here at 13th Dimension, and we’re featuring daily commentary by Adams on his variant-cover project for DC Comics. Each of his 27 variants is a twist on one of his famous covers from the past. He provided the pencils, and the inks and colors were handled by some of the biggest names in the business like Jim Lee and Walt Simonson.

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Williams inked this riff on Action Comics #400. Colors by Alex Sinclair.

Williams inked this riff on Action Comics #400. Colors by Alex Sinclair.

Scott Williams is one of the top-name inkers in comics, often collaborating with DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee. He also worked with Adams on Batman: Odyssey.

This time, Williams monkeys around on Starfire #9 (as it were), the gorillariffic remake of Action Comics #400. (Check out Neal’s hilarious commentary about it here.)

As we have with the other guest-star inkers during NEAL ADAMS MONTH, we asked Williams a couple quick questions:

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Dan Greenfield: What’s your favorite classic Neal Adams cover?

Scott Williams: Batman #244 will always be the Neal Adams Batman cover to me, even though it shows Batman seemingly defeated by Ra’s Al Ghul. I bought this comic off the stands as a 12-year-old and not only was it the climax to one of the all-time great Batman sagas, but it was the first time that it occurred to me that the Dark Knight could ever be defeated. Mind blown!


Dan: How has Adams influenced you as an artist?

Scott: Adams’ art was my first template on what comic art could and should look like. Even though many other artists have influenced me since, the first is almost always the most profound.

Dan: You have your own style. Neal has his. How did you work to meld the two on your cover?

Scott: I didn’t even try to meld our two styles. I virtually tried to ink just like Neal, to duplicate his aesthetic in line and expression, and failed miserably. Hence the “melding” of styles! Hahaha!

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For the full NEAL ADAMS MONTH INDEX of stories — click here.

You can also find more on Neal Adams at his website, here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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