NEAL ADAMS’ DEADMAN TALES: Composition and Clues

Wrapping things up…

Neal Adams’ latest project is a Deadman miniseries. In tandem with that, we’re running NEAL ADAMS’ DEADMAN TALES, a recurring series featuring the artist’s views on his work with DC’s ghostly avenger — some extensive, some brief — yesterday and today.

For the complete NEAL ADAMS’ DEADMAN TALES Index of stories, click here.

Deadman’s second half begins 2/14, with the release of Issue #4:

With that in mind, here’s the finale of NEAL ADAMS’ DEADMAN TALES, as the artist comments on the last two original Deadman covers from Strange Adventures:

Strange Adventures #215

“It’s interesting observing it from the outside. If you look at Issue #214 (click here) and #215, they’re almost the same composition, used a different way. There’s the same slant in the panel and if you put ’em next to one another, they feel like, ‘Oh, here’s a composition that I’ve seen before.’

“Of course, there are different things going on and different things happening. Once again, the idea of taking Deadman and not actually making him part of the composition but making him kind of overlook the composition was too much fun NOT to do. You could almost take the head from Issue #208 (click here) and put it on #215 and just show the composition underneath.

“Mentally, it’s a good idea for the viewer to remove the Deadman image and to look at the composition by itself and see what value it has in it and then to allow the Deadman head to appear over it. For me, that’s a good intellectual exercise.”

Strange Adventures #216

Issue #216 is done from a similar angle. You can almost see, ‘Oh, this is how Neal designs things.” I feel the same looking at #214, #215, #216, but, of course, it’s a totally different composition and totally different things are happening — but it’s a clue! The beginning of a clue as to what Deadman’s all about.

“In other words, there is a strange entry of Deadman into his own cover that isn’t into a common situation, that isn’t on a rooftop or isn’t…this. It’s someplace that we don’t know and it’s dealing with gods or demigods or creatures that we’ll have something to say about as … issues of Deadman show themselves. That there is something going on here that’s ultra-normal, outside of the normal way of doing things.

“He seems to be solid. He seems to be using force against force, within a realm that is not typical and common. So there is a certain clue to the readers here. I’m saying, ‘Pay attention to this composition because if you don’t, you’re gonna miss something that’s very, very important.’”

For the complete NEAL ADAMS’ DEADMAN TALES Index of stories, click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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