MY COMIC SHOP COUNTRY: The Documentary That Fans Deserve

Anthony Desiato has a great idea. And it’s worth your support.

If you’re lucky, you get to go to a great comics shop every Wednesday. Because at their best, comics shops are more than a place to pick up some reading material — they’re a source of pride and community.

Anthony Desiato gets it. His growing series of podcasts and documentaries centers on his love of the LCS, starting with the defunct Alternate Realities in Scarsdale, N.Y. (Click here.)

Anthony has a terrific new project in the works — a film that chronicles the great American comics shop, called “My Comic Shop Country” — that he’s crowdfunding via Kickstarter.

Dig this video:

Back in July, we ran a piece by Anthony that helps serve as a precursor to this project. He outlined 13 highlights from his national tour and I urge you to check out what he had to say. (Click here.)

I’ve known Anthony for a little while and I’m always glad to be a guest on one of his podcasts. Why? Because, in his soft-spoken way, he’s really passionate about this stuff. He understands just how important the comics shop is to our fandom.

For more info about the Kickstarter, click here. It’s worth your time — and your support.

Anthony Desiato

Author: Dan Greenfield

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