Miss Your Comics Shop? Check Out MY COMIC SHOP COUNTRY

Perfect movie-viewing for social distancing…

Zapp! Comics in Wayne, NJ. (From My Comic Shop Country.)

If you’re doing the smart thing and staying home but are missing the comics shop experience, we’ve got the perfect movie for you: Anthony Desiato’s documentary My Comic Shop Country, which is available for digital rental or purchase starting Tuesday.

My Comic Shop Country has been a few years in the making, hitting the rounds of film festivals and the like. The doc, which expands upon Anthony’s podcast My Comic Shop History, is a nationwide exploration of comics shop life — from the perspectives of creators, owners, readers and even folks like yours truly.

Dig the final trailer:

Now, here’s what you need to know to get the film:

— Release date (digital rental/purchase): March 24 on Apple TV and March 25 on Amazon Prime.

Click here for Apple TV.

Click here for Amazon Prime.

So settle in for a visit to the comics shop, right from the comfort — and safety — of your own home.

And do continue to support your shop during this crisis. Call them and ask how you can continue to get your books and otherwise keep them going. It’s important for all of fandom and the industry as a whole.

Because you want your store there waiting for you when you’re ready to return, right?


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I miss my old (main) comic book store in Oklahoma City. It was called Mind Over Matter, run/owned by Gary Burleson. He actually had a contest one year for his customers to come up with a a logo that he could use on letterheads, business cards, newsletters, matchbooks, etc.
    I actually won with a stylized design of the letters MOM that looked either like 2 bats with a moon in the background, or it could have been seen as two spaceships of similar design facing each other with a sun in the background. I got about $250.00 worth of free comics as payment.
    I still have a newsletter and several matchbooks with the store logo of my design, my only amatuer “commercial art” success in my teens or early 20s.

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    • I used to frequent that place when I began collecting in 1992! Gary had a vintage Playboy pinball machine in the shop although I donโ€™t think it worked at the time.

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    • Holy cow! I remember that place, vaguely. I went a few times in the late 70’s and early 80’s, I was like 10 or 11. I didn’t know it was around into the 90’s, I think it was a little far for my parents, once I found out about New World, that’s where we went, it was closer. I seem to remember the owner of New World having some kind of beef with the owner of Mind Over Matter, but it’s all hazy now.

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