MIKE GRELL Talks BATMAN, Wrightson — and a Christopher Lee Homage That Wasn’t

EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: It wasn’t an easy time in Gotham…

The first time I set eyes on Mike Grell’s artwork — or at least when I first took notice — was during his brief stint on Batman in the ’70s.

I know, I know. Surprise, surprise. Almost all of my initial comics experiences were filtered through Gotham City.

Anyway, I was always disappointed that Grell didn’t stick around longer. I really liked what he did and wanted to see more.

Wouldn’t you want to see more like this? I would…

As it happens, though, he wasn’t terribly enthusiastic about his brief time with the Darknight Detective — and in this EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT from TwoMorrows’ Mike Grell: Life is Drawing Without an Eraser, he explains why.

The newly released book, by Dewey Cassell with Jeff Messer, centers around a very candid interview with the artist and we’re running pieces across three weekends. Part 1 focused on the Legion of Super-Heroes. (Click here.) In this segment, Grell talks about his frustration working on Batman, how he believes his best work was thanks to the contributions of Bernie Wrightson and how a tribute to Christopher Lee fell apart.

Check it out:



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Mike Grell: Life Is Drawing Without an Eraser is out now. It’s available in comics shops, online retailers or directly through TwoMorrows. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Does anyone ever see Bernie unpublished Batman/Dracula story? What happened to it?

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