MARVEL’s Classic 1966 CARTOONS to Get Spotlight

The Marvel Super Heroes, front and center…

1966 brochure

Y’know what needs to be remastered and re-released on Blu-ray and made available for streaming? The 1967 Spider-Man cartoon.

Y’know what else needs to be remastered and re-released on Blu-ray and made available for streaming? The 1966 Marvel Super Heroes cartoons.

From the brochure

That neither are in print or readily available is one of the strangest gaps in modern superhero viewing and collecting.

Well, while Disney dithers, at least in 2021 you’ll be able to get a refresher on the ’66 Marvel Super Heroes cartoons, thanks to TwoMorrows’ RetroFan #16.

Dig this official description:

September 2021 – 84 FULL-COLOR pages

RetroFan #16 features an exclusive interview with Logan’s Run star Michael York, plus Logan’s Run novelist William F. Nolan and vehicle customizer Dean Jeffries. Plus: the Marvel Super Heroes cartoons of 1966, H. R. Pufnstuf, Leave It to Beaver’s Sue “Miss Landers” Randall, Wolfman Jack, drive-in theaters, My Weekly Reader, David Mandel’s super collection of comic book art, and more fun, fab features! Featuring columns by Ernest Farino, Andy Mangels, Will Murray, Scott Saavedra, and Scott Shaw! Edited by Michael Eury.

A few thoughts:

— I am ALL OVER this issue. Not only do we get the Marvel Super Heroes, we get a Logan’s Run feature? Oh, come on!

RetroFan #16 is scheduled to ship Aug. 11, 2021, give or take a week or two. It will be available at comics shops and magazine sellers but you can already pre-order it directly from publisher TwoMorrows. It lists for $9.95. Click here.

— What’s your fave Marvel Super Heroes series? Mine’s Captain America, of course. But I do dig that groovy Hulk theme.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. One tidbit real fans of the toins know, the appearance of the original X-Men in a Sub Mariner story.

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