MARVEL Releasing a Slew of WHAT IF? Dollar Reprints

What if? What fun!

One of my favorite things coming out of Marvel these days is their True Believers series of dollar reprints.

They’re a wonderfully affordable way to re-live — or live for the first time — great moments in Marvel history. I just wish DC would do the same — because how cool would that be?

Anyway, the House of Ideas tends to do these in themes (click here, for example) and coming this October is a raft of What If? reprints celebrating the late, lamented titles. (What If? is coming back as a series of one-shots in October — hence these lovely tie-ins.)

Wanna see what’s in the mix? Of course you do.

Exact dates to be announced but check these out:

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. These are pretty interesting “what if” comics. I just may give them a read. ^_^

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  2. I like the selections and the fact that they’re being reprinted – but are the original back issues THAT expensive?

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  3. I’ve been picking up the True Believers Fantastic Four. FF #5 has got to be the most reprinted issue ever! I picked up a copy back in the ’90’s as part of some other reprint series. Masterworks or Milestone… Either the issue is out of print – nearly impossible to find, or has a higher cover price. Some back issues do gain value…

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  4. True Believers is the smartest thing Marvel has done in a decade. I have most of the originals but can’t resist grabbing up shiny, new “reading copies.” Wake up, DC – you’re losing money as I type this.

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  5. I’m long time reader of What If? enjoyed it if this is your first time,then there’s more to come all 6 new issues of What If? in October 2018

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  6. I collected most of these as back issues when I was a kid, and bought the FF What If by John Byrne off the shelf. I’m a BIG WHAT IF fan, and that issue was without question one of the best stories ever done. Excited!

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  7. I said to my local comic book guy when these True Believers came out in 2018 priced at 1.00, “These are great if you just want to see what the artwork looked like back when people drew! Christ, it’s a great value—the printing alone must cost a dollar a book!” I went in yesterday and the price for these is now up to three dollars. It’s Marvel getting hungry fans addicted, then raising the price. Which I don’t have a problem with but it’s just so blatant. I wish the artwork, reprint or not, was allowed to stand on it’s own. The good news is, I can just spend that money on an old issue that may have condition flaws, but it’s not a reprint. And make no mistake—unless you are Star Wars 1 thru 6 reprints, reprints have no value in the digital age.

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    • Hey, Ken: The True Believers books are still $1. There is, however, a second series of Facsimile Editions that are full-issue reprints — ads and all. Those are $3.99. Hope that clarifies things.

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