MARVEL Releasing a Slew of WHAT IF? Dollar Reprints

What if? What fun!

One of my favorite things coming out of Marvel these days is their True Believers series of dollar reprints.

They’re a wonderfully affordable way to re-live — or live for the first time — great moments in Marvel history. I just wish DC would do the same — because how cool would that be?

Anyway, the House of Ideas tends to do these in themes (click here, for example) and coming this October is a raft of What If? reprints celebrating the late, lamented titles. (What If? is coming back as a series of one-shots in October — hence these lovely tie-ins.)

Wanna see what’s in the mix? Of course you do.

Exact dates to be announced but check these out:

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. These are pretty interesting “what if” comics. I just may give them a read. ^_^

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  2. I like the selections and the fact that they’re being reprinted – but are the original back issues THAT expensive?

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  3. I’ve been picking up the True Believers Fantastic Four. FF #5 has got to be the most reprinted issue ever! I picked up a copy back in the ’90’s as part of some other reprint series. Masterworks or Milestone… Either the issue is out of print – nearly impossible to find, or has a higher cover price. Some back issues do gain value…

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  4. True Believers is the smartest thing Marvel has done in a decade. I have most of the originals but can’t resist grabbing up shiny, new “reading copies.” Wake up, DC – you’re losing money as I type this.

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  5. I’m long time reader of What If? enjoyed it if this is your first time,then there’s more to come all 6 new issues of What If? in October 2018

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  6. I collected most of these as back issues when I was a kid, and bought the FF What If by John Byrne off the shelf. I’m a BIG WHAT IF fan, and that issue was without question one of the best stories ever done. Excited!

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