Mark Waid Got the World’s Greatest Birthday Present

I am so jealous.

A couple months ago, we had BATMAN ’66 WEEK here at 13th Dimension and we ran a survey of comics creators’ favorite moments from the show.

Mark Waid had two of them, with his second “from Season 3′s Siren episode, in which we learn the secret location of Bruce Wayne’s hidden wall safe. Cleverly enough, it’s concealed behind a painting.”



And then he wrote: “P.S. Dear Santa, please bring me this exact painting.”

Well, he didn’t have to wait for Christmas. Today’s Mark’s birthday and last week, his partner Christy Blanch surprised him with this:


Fan. Tastic.

Mark’s battling the flu but we wish him a very Happy Birthday!

(UPDATED because people have asked: It’s a commissioned replica painting.)

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I happily painted both the frame and painting for Mark, commissioned by Christy. It was a fun project for me (despite the lack of good photos from the TV show; I still can’t believe no one on set took a dead-on photo of the safe painting!!!) I found and repainted a frame that closely matched the one in the TV show photos. Thank you all for liking it! Prints of the safe painting can be purchased here: (sorry, you are on your own for the frame!)

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