When 13 pix just won’t cut it: A REVIEW of the 5 Points set with more than 30 PHOTOS…

I don’t like using cliches (except for, y’know, “groovy,” “far out” and whatnot) but sometimes they work best: A picture is worth 1,000 words. Or in this case, more than 30 pictures is worth more than 30,000 words.

Because, really, when it comes to toy reviews, it’s generally about the photos, right? Well, then feast your eyes on this gallery showing off Mezco’s brand-new 5 Points Superman: The Mechanical Monsters deluxe box set — one of the niftiest collections of action figures available today.

The set, designed by our pal Des Taylor and which was first announced a couple years back, has finally hit and it lives up to its $90 list price. It comes with four 3.75-inch scale figures, based on the Fleischer cartoon The Mechanical Monsters — Superman, Clark Kent, Lois Lane and one of the giant robots (No. 5). There’s also a fabulous telephone booth that allows you to “change” Clark to Superman and back, as well as a cardboard diorama depicting scenes from the 1941 short. (And don’t forget: Warner Bros. Discovery is remastering and re-releasing the cartoons in May.)

From YouTube, not the official Warner release.

The figs have five points of articulation each — that’s where the brand 5 Points comes from — as well as various accessories, which you can see in the gallery below. The figures are sturdy, though be careful when posing them. (That’s my general advice for any high-end figure from any company; QC ain’t what it used to be.)

As a huge fan of the Fleischer cartoons, this was a must-buy for me; if you are too, then you cannot go wrong. Mezco appears to be out of stock right now, but there are plenty of other outlets that are selling them, whether they are retailers or third-party dealers. Shop around too, because you can find lower-price deals.

And now, the photos — which are more powerful than the pounding surf! (I should know: My son Sam took each one.)


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. That is freaking cool !!!

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  2. Agreed! I got this set a few weeks ago, and I set it up with Superman flying (or leaping, if you prefer) through the doors, tackling the monster, while Lois looks on. It displays wonderfully!!!

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  3. I’m the guy that says “I want to spend my money on the source material, not stuff about or derived from the source material.” But this… this is too amazing to pass up!

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