The Joy of Owning Original Art: DES TAYLOR

You always love your first.


Only in the last year or so did I start taking the plunge and commissioning art. With us kicking back for Vacation Week, I figured I’d share what I’ve gotten so far. I hope you dig it.

Part 1: Neal Adams


I’m a big fan of British artist Des Taylor, whose art I’d see on Facebook all the time.

Every time I see a piece, it’s like looking at a cel of a 2D cartoon I wish existed.

His influences are obvious: Disney, the Fleischer Studios, midcentury pin-up art and Bond Girls.

Finally, when the itch to own my own piece art just had to be scratched, I commissioned Des to do a frameworthy tableau of Batman, Robin, Batgirl and the Batmobile from my favorite show. It seemed like the perfect melding of sensibilities.

Des not only turned in a lovely and colorful exclusive-only-to-me print, he included three sketches he worked from.




Receiving the tube in the post from UK was like getting a diploma in the mail:

I had graduated to owning original art.

For more on Des, check out his website.

Scarlett Couture style

Author: Dan Greenfield

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