LOVE ME DO, 60 Years On: The First 13 BEATLES Singles to Make It to the Top

AN ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION: The world begins to tip on its axis


October 5 is the 60th anniversary of the release of the Beatles’ first single, Love Me Do, in 1962. I gave thought to listing my 13 favorite Beatles songs to mark this occasion, but when I started jotting them down and I was nearing 30 of them I gave it up as sheer folly (plus think of the arguments that would stir up with other Beatles’ fans).

In place of that idea, I decided to list their first 13 singles to reach #1 in the UK or in the US (whichever country came first) with the date they became #1 — NOT their original release date. (By the way, some songs stayed #1 for several weeks, but I am listing only the first week.)

All songs written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney

(Data below gathered from The Beatles 1 CD release)

1. From Me to You — #1 in the UK (May 2, 1963)

2. She Loves You — #1 in the UK (Sept. 12, 1963)

3. I Want to Hold Your Hand — #1 in the UK (Dec. 12, 1963)

4. Can’t Buy Me Love — #1 in the UK (Apr. 2, 1964)

5. Love Me Do — #1 in the US (May 30, 1964)

6. A Hard Day’s Night — #1 in the UK (July 23, 1964)

7. I Feel Fine — #1 in the UK (Dec. 10, 1964)

8. Eight Days a Week — #1 in the US (Mar. 13, 1965)

9. Ticket to Ride — #1 in the UK (Apr. 22, 1965)

10. Help! — #1 in the UK (Aug. 5, 1965)

11. Yesterday — #1 in the US (Oct. 9, 1965)

12. Day Tripper — #1 in the UK (Dec. 16, 1965)

13. We Can Work It Out — #1 in the UK (Dec. 16, 1965)


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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